Ultragrain® and SuperKids: Delicious, Nutritious Foods for School Cafeterias

Parents want to know their kids are eating great-tasting, nutritious foods at school. And now schools are moving to whole grain-rich foods, which will significantly improve the number and options of whole grain products available to students. Although school guidelines require more whole grains, students don’t always like the specked appearance or bitter taste of traditional whole grains. If students choose not to eat whole grain-rich foods because of how they cook or taste, they won’t be getting the whole grain nutrition they need. That’s where Ultragrain can help: university researchers have proven in several studies that students like foods made with Ultragrain just as much as those made with refined flour.

Through our SuperKids Whole Grain Sampling Program, a growing number of America's school cafeterias feature a variety of whole grain foods students will eat, thanks to Ultragrain.

Ardent Mills® created SuperKids to help schools sample and introduce higher-fiber and healthier whole grain options into breakfast, snack, and lunch menus—in foods that students of all ages love to eat.

If you’re a school district, manufacturer, or parent interested in learning more about the SuperKids Whole Grain Sampling Program, visit our website.

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