How We Make It

Patented Milling for Perfect Whole Wheat Flour

Ultragrain is an flour specially milled to retain 100% whole grain nutrition.

Like all flours, Ultragrain begins with a kernel of wheat—planted, grown, and milled into whole wheat flour. But not just any wheat can be made into Ultragrain. We work directly with farmers, primarily in Colorado and surrounding states, who grow a specially selected variety of white wheat that’s milder and sweeter than traditional red and white whole wheat.

After harvest, we grind the whole kernel to the same texture as white flour. In fact, we were granted a patent for our milling practice, which retains 100% of the whole-grain nutrition—fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Nothing artificial. All natural. And no, it's not genetically modified. It is, however, 100% delicious, and that's something you can feel good about.

There might be other whole wheats, but there’s only one Ultragrain. And now you can find it on your local grocer’s shelves.


Great Tasting—and Great
for You

Try these Ultragrain recipes and discover the healthy difference!



Pizza Margherita

Watch a video about Pizza Margherita.

Try a healthy twist on this Italian classic made with 100% natural Ultragrain All Purpose Flour.