Whole Grain Goodness: Ultragrain All Purpose Flour

Add the health benefits of whole grains to your cooking and baking without sacrificing taste, texture, or appearance. Ultragrain All Purpose Flour is the only all-purpose flour that gives you 30% whole grain nutrition and white flour appeal without adjusting your recipes. Use Ultragrain All Purpose Flour in place of standard white flour in all of your favorite recipes.

Cup for cup, you'll get more whole grain nutrition with the same great taste.

Did You Know?

  • Ultragrain looks, tastes, cooks, and bakes like white flour.
  • Ultragrain All Purpose Flour contains 9 grams of whole grain per serving and twice the fiber of other all-purpose flours.
  • Ultragrain All Purpose Flour is now available in many grocery stores across the country. Find the store nearest you.

Great Tasting—and Great
for You

Try these Ultragrain recipes and discover the healthy difference!



Celebration Cupcakes

Watch a video about Celebration Cupcakes.

Get the party started with these light, fluffy, perfect-for-any-occasion cupcakes—made healthier with Ultragrain All Purpose Flour.

How Ultragrain Compares

UUF WWF Ultragrain
Increased Fiber
Lower Starch Content
Increased Antioxidants and Phytonutrients
Increased Essential Minerals and Vitamins
UUF = Unenriched Unbleached Flour
WWF = Whole Wheat Flour